• What is BeautyArmy?
    BeautyArmy is a personalized beauty and personal care service. After completing a quick profile, BeautyArmy technology matches you to products that fit your specific needs. This narrows down the 1.3 million different beauty and personal care products to a manageable set recommended just for you, based on your unique attributes. BeautyArmy sells over 200 beauty and personal care brands including Stila, LORAC, Urban Decay and Bliss. We also offer a personalized sampling service that allows you to choose up to 6 samples each month for $12.00/month
  • Why are you called BeautyArmy?
    Our dedicated beauty team tirelessly tests products to ensure we’re recommending you the absolute best in beauty. We call ourselves the BeautyArmy because we’re on the front lines of beauty making sure you get the best. When you shop with us, you join the thousands of women who have joined the BeautyArmy.
  • Do I have to be a subscriber to access your web content?
    Anyone can access our website and all of our content but only subscribers will be able to select samples and receive BeautyArmy Kits.

  • How much does a subscription cost?
    A monthly subscription is a flat fee of $12.00 recurring. You can also purchase a three or six month subscription which includes free shipping or you can purchase an annual subscription for $132.00/year which includes one free month and free shipping.
  • How can I switch from a monthly to a yearly subscription?
    To switch from a monthly subscription to a yearly subscription, click the "deactivate" button on your account page and then reactivate your subscription by placing a new order, choosing the yearly option.
  • How will I be notified when my sampling subscription window opens?
    If you are a subscriber, you will receive a notification email at approximately 8:45am PT on the first day of your sample selection window. Make sure you have added to your address book, so they aren't ending up in your spam folder!
  • Why did I get an email notifying me that my subscription was deactivated?
    We could not successfully authorize a payment with your credit card, and after several attempts at retrying your card, your subscription was automatically deactivated. To receive your sample kit this month, please place a new order with updated billing info.
  • How much will shipping my Kit cost?
    We offer free shipping on all subscriptions!
  • Why aren't product descriptions included in my kit?
    All product descriptions and directions are online and available in your account section. We cannot include them in the kits because each person's kit is different and therefore, including a product card would be next to impossible because there are thousands of different product combinations. You should be able to find all of the information you need about your samples in your account section. Complete full size product information is included in our shop.
  • What is a sample subscription?
    BeautyArmy sample subscriptions are the next generation sampling program. After filling out a profile, our technology matches you with 9 samples that are personalized just for you. You can then choose up to 6 samples from that selection. You can choose your samples each month for $12.00 or purchase 12 months for $132.00 (one free month).
  • Will my yearly subscription automatically renew after 12 months?
    No. The yearly subscription automatically expires after your 12 kits are shipped. You will not be billed again unless you decide to renew.
  • What kind of samples do you offer?
    We carry samples of makeup, skincare, haircare, body, fragrance, nails and men's products. We only accept high quality samples into our program. Most samples are packaged in tubes, jars, pumps, sprays, xela packs and some packettes. In addition to samples, we sometimes have full-size products available.
  • How do I select my samples?
    Selecting is easy and fun. After you complete your beauty profile, we will recommend 9 personalized samples for you. You can choose up to 6 samples from that selection. Mouse-over the samples (or click if you’re on mobile) to see product information. Select your favorites, then click submit.
  • When can I select my samples?
    You have a 5-day selection window that begins on the day you signed up. For example, if you signed up March 1st, your selection window will always begin at 9am PST on the 1st and end at midnight on the 5th, every month.
  • What if I want fewer than 6 samples?
    You can choose up to 6 samples each month. You are welcome to choose fewer if you would like.
  • When do you add more samples?
    We add new samples throughout the month so our inventory is constantly changing and growing.
  • Where is the ingredient list for the samples?
    Sample information is available at time of sample selection by either mouse-over or clicking the sample. Ingredients are available on the full size product page in our full-size shop. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please email
  • Do you provide refunds on the sample subscription kits?
    Sample subscription Kits aren't eligible for refunds so choose your samples carefully. If you experience a delivery issue or your kit arrives damaged, please contact Year long subscriptions and gifts aren't refundable at this time.
  • What time do selection windows open?
    Selection windows open at 9:00am PT.
  • Why do I see only a spinning wheel, without generating samples?
    Sometimes, throughout the night, we go through site updates. We replenish our daily allotment of each sample at 9am PT, so if you're trying to select earlier in the morning, you might only be seeing what's leftover from yesterday's samples.
  • You released a new sample right after I selected my Kit!
    Every sample will be available in selection windows for AT LEAST 30 days.
  • Why am I seeing samples that I’ve seen before?
    If you are only selecting a few sample categories, we might not have added anything new in the past month to those categories, so you might see items you've already seen and/or selected in the past. To see the widest variety of samples, try making your selections at 9am (PT).
  • Are samples available from every brand that you have in the shop?
    We sample many of the products available in our store but not all of them at all times.
  • I represent a beauty brand and I want to work with you!
    Wonderful. Please email
  • What brands do you work with?
    We work with the best. You can view a full list of our brands here: http://www.beautyarmy/brands.

  • How do you choose which brands to work with?
    We only work with the highest quality beauty brands. Some are very well known and some are emerging.
  • What is your return policy for full-size products?
    Most purchases are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with any item you have purchased, you may return it within 30 days of the date it was delivered and receive a refund or in-store credit. You will be provided with a prepaid shipping label. Original shipping fees are not refundable. Please click here for further instructions:

    Avon has their own return policy. Return directions are on your packing slip. If you no longer have a packing slip, please call: 1-800-500-AVON for further help.

    Return policies are subject to change anytime.
  • How does the full-size shop work?
    We work with hundreds of beauty’s best brands and have over 20,000 products in our full-size shop. We didn’t want to make you waste time searching through all of those products so we came up with a way to make personalized recommendations just for you. Tell us your skin type, hair type and other information then tell us what you’re shopping for. We’ll use the information you provide to recommend ten or less products.
  • Can I purchase full-sized items from this month’s Kit?
    Definitely! Shopping full size products with BeautyArmy is really easy. Login to your account and view your sample history. You can buy the full-size right from your account page.
  • Why am I being re-directed to other sites for purchasing?
    We have partnered with select retailers to fulfill full-size orders. This allows us to provide you with popular brands and products.
  • What are gift subscriptions?
    BeautyArmy gift subscriptions make the perfect gift. The recipient will get to choose her samples each month. You can choose to either keep it a surprise or have us email her with a special message from you. Gift subscriptions are available in 1, 3, 6 and 12-month options.
  • Can I track the delivery of my kit?
    Yes. You will receive an email confirmation when you purchase a sample subscription and then a tracking number once it ships. You will then receive one more email update when it arrives at your local USPS post office. Your tracking info is also available in your BeautyArmy account, when you click on the “Kit Orders” link. After placing an order, it can take up to 10 -15 business days for your kit to ship and the tracking link to activate.
  • Can I track my Kit?
    Oh yes. You will receive an email confirmation once you purchase a subscription and then a tracking number once it ships. You will then receive one more email update when it arrives at your local USPS post office. Your tracking info is also available in your account, when you click on the Kit Orders link. After placing an order, it can take up to 15 business days before your Kit has shipped and the tracking link has activated with updates.

  • When will my sample subscription kit arrive?
    Your kit will arrive within 15 business days of when you select your samples. If you don't select your samples, your kit will arrive within business 15 days of the end of your selection window. Shipping to the east coast typically takes longer than shipping to the west coast. You will receive a tracking number once your kit ships so you can track its journey all the way to your door! If your kit is takes longer than 15 business days to arrive, please first verify that your shipping address is correct in your account, and call USPS with your tracking number to obtain specific delivery info.
  • Do you ship outside the United States?
    Currently, we ship to all US states, US territories, and military addresses. For our subscribers not on the mainland, please keep in mind that Kits may take up to 30 days to reach you.
  • When will my full size products arrive?
    Your full size product will ship within 2-3 business days of your order. Please email if you have questions about your full size order shipment.

  • One of my samples arrived damaged. What should I do?
    Contact and we will make sure you get a replacement sample.
  • Do you have a rewards program?
    Yes we do! We love to reward our members with prizes and free months! Stay tuned for announcements about our newly revamped rewards program.

  • Can I review full size products?
    Absolutely. Find the product you wish to review and go to that product’s dedicated page. From there you can leave a review and give the item a star rating.
  • I'd like to contact someone about my order. Who do I contact?
    We'd love to hear from you anytime. You can contact anytime. You will hear from us within the next business day.

  • I'd like to contact someone about my order. Who should I contact?
    If you have a question about our sampling subscription service or gift subscription, please call BeautyArmy: 415-655-3116 or email us:

    If you have a question about a full size order, please contact: 1-866-367-0870
  • Can I access BeautyArmy from my mobile phone or tablet?
    Yes you can! You can access our full-size shop and choose your samples from the mobile version of our desktop website.
  • I'm a blogger interested in reviewing your products. Will you send me a free Kit to review?
    Thank you for your interest in reviewing a BeautyArmy Kit. Please contact for more information on reviewing BeautyArmy Kits.
  • How does billing work?
    If you choose a month-to-month sample subscription, the credit card you provided will be charged $12.00 on the day you sign up and that calendar day each month. Yearly subscribers will be charged $108 on the day you signed up. Yearly subscribers get one month free. If you skip a month you will not be billed for that month.
  • What types of payment do you accept?
    We accept all major credit cards.

  • How do I cancel my monthly subscription?
    You can cancel a monthly subscription at any time. Should you wish to cancel, you can easily deactivate by clicking by logging into the site, and going into your account page, by clicking on your name in the top right corner. The deactivate button is at the bottom of the page. If your Kit has already been processed, you will not be eligible for a refund that month. This is for monthly subscriptions only, prepaid subscriptions will not show a cancellation button. Prepaid subscriptions will NOT auto-renew and will automatically end at the end of the term. If you wish to continue your subscription, you can start a new subscription at any time.
  • If I deactivate and reactivate, will my history/rewards be saved?
    Yes! Your account history will be saved.
  • How do I reactivate my account?
    Place a new order for a Kit. That will automatically reactivate your subscription.
  • Can I deactivate a prepaid subscription?
    Prepaid subscriptions (gifts, 3 month, 6 month, or annual subscriptions) may be deactivated by contacting us directly to stop delivery. However, un-used months are not eligible for refunds. Prepaid subscriptions will NOT auto-renew. At the end of your term, your subscription will automatically end.
  • How do I select my samples?
    Selecting is easy and fun. After you complete your beauty profile, we will recommend 9 personalized samples for you. You can choose up to 6 samples from that selection. Mouse-over the samples (or click if you’re on mobile) to see product information. Select your favorites, then click submit.
  • How do I skip a month?
    You can skip at anytime during your 5-day selection window by clicking the "skip" link, underneath your 9 sample options. Follow through to the confirmation page, to ensure you've completed the skip process.
  • If I don't skip, what happens?
    If you do not select your own kit, and do not skip the month, our experts will automatically select for you, based on your most recent beauty profile. You will receive 6 personalized samples.
  • What if I don't like what the experts chose for me?
    Your expert-selected Kit is based on your most recent beauty preferences; we aim to please! If you have any issues with the experts' selections, please contact us. However, please note that these Kits are not eligible for refunds or returns.
  • What if I skipped, but now want to choose a Kit for this month?
    While we cannot re-open your window for the month, you can still receive a Kit by deactivating your subscription, and then reactivating immediately, by placing a new Kit order. The deactivation button can be found in your account page, by clicking on the Subscription link.
  • I have a yearly subscription, and I want to skip. Can I do that?
    Yes. You will still receive all 12 sample subscription kits. We simply push your subscription back another month.